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Wicked Eyes Daily Zombie Fashion Lenses

Wicked Eyes Daily Zombie Fashion Lenses

Product Code: DCZON-WED8413

VAT: 20%

Range: Wicked Eyes

At Wicked Eyes we boast a range of style for those who want to combine their natural eye color with a rich color palette – for the individual who dares a more subtle change.
The wild and fun ranges fuse colors and patterns together in a unique manner to give an option to the individual who dares to be different.
All Wicked Eyes fashion eye accessories are made and tested to ensure that they meet our high standards. This commitment to excellence affords the highest level of wear ability and ensures absolute comfort.
Always read instructions and consult your optician, optical dispenser or medical practitioner prior to purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wicked eyes fashion eye accessories easy to wear?

Advanced manufacturing technology and stringent quality ensure comfort at all times. This together with the literature on how to wear the accessories ensures comfort and ease of use for new and regular wearers alike.

How easy is it to change the color of my eyes?

Nothing could be easier. Wicked eyes fashion eye accessories provide varied styles to suit everyone. The suitability is dependent on the original eye color and skin tone. Even the darkest eye can be transformed. For the best result try a range of colors or designs to find the style that suits you.

How long do they last?

The Wicked eyes fashion eye accessories are disposable for monthly (1 days) wear

Color: white
Size: One Size
Barcode: 5055552867392
Weight (gms):25
Dimensions (CM):18 x 13 x 2.5
Stock: 500
Minimum orderable: 1
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