Christmas Accessories

Short Gloves White
 Plain Satin Long Gloves Red

Find all you need in our festive range of Wholesale Christmas Accessories in this section. Chose from Wings, Maks, Hats, Socks, Leg Warmers, Feather Boa, Gloves, Braces, Hot Pants, Stockings,Santa hats, tights, Elf, Head bands, Men Knitted jumpers, Wrist Bands, Hair Colour, Sprays, Ladies Knitted Jumpers, Necklace, Neck Ties, Napkins, Vests, Nickers, Scarf, Leggings, Gift Boxes, Bags, Chains, Wigs, beard, Purses, Clipc, Hotns, Boot Covers, Corsets, Contact Lenses, Waist Cincher and Basques at very low Price.

To find more Wholesale Christmas Accessories, browse through our online selection or email a member of our team on sales.wn@wholesaleconnections.co.uk – we’ll be more than happy to help.